Winterton Medical Practice

The Surgery

Manlake Avenue


DN15 9TA

CAll: 01724 732202

Winterton Medical Practice

The Surgery

Norfolk Avenue


DN15 9EW

CAll:  01724 720202


General Services & Clinics

In addition to appointments with the doctor, the practice offers a wide range of health clinics.  Specialised clinics include, heart disease, diabetes and asthma.  Health promotion spans across everything we do and this website pays special attention to this in various pages and sections. Also listed  below are some of the general clinics and services we offer as well as wider services in the local area.

The Health A-Z guide below details information on over 800 medical conditions. 

Smear Tests

Smear tests are carried out at our surgeries.  Please contact reception if you are booking a smear test

Family Planning

Comprehensive confidential advice is available. Oral contraceptives (pill) can only be given on attendance

Child Health

The doctor carries six-week checks. The Health Visitor conducts other child health surveillance checks.


The practice offers ante-natal and post-natal clinics.  Please check times


Special clinics  are held for well-person, asthma, diabetes & heart disease. See  various pages on this website or call.

Minor Surgery

The practice can offer various minor surgery procedures. Please discuss your concerns with your GP.

Humber Health Apps

Humber Coast and Vale have reviewed thousands of health apps, so you can find the best

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