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The practice runs special asthma clinics to help patients with diagnosis and management of the condition. Patients on our asthma register are part of our call and recall system and are looked-after by our team of doctors and practice nurses 

Through correct diagnosis we recognise asthma and aim to eradicate the symptoms. By careful treatment, the objective is to maintain the best possible long-term airway function and reduce the risk of severe attacks. In children, we are looking to achieve normal growth. We encourage patients to use self-management plans

What is Asthma?

Our team can provide you with a full explanation of asthma and carry out tests to establish a proper diagnosis. There are also many sources of information on asthma - including a wealth of information on-line. 

How is Asthma Diagnosed?

Asthma UK video on how asthma is diagnosed


If you are concerned that you might have asthma, please get in touch with the practice, initially to arrange an appointment with the doctor. Once diagnosed, a plan can be devised so that the condition can be managed and monitored - ideally so that symptoms can be eliminated.

On-line Support

Websites, helplines and asthma support groups can be a helpful source of information and support,

asthma uk logo

Asthma UK

Helpline 0300 222 5800

Asthma UK Website »
British lung Foundation logo

British Lung Foundation

Helpline 03000 030 555

BLF Website »
NHS logo

NHS Asthma

Symptoms, causes & treatments

NHS Website»
Asthma Relief Charity logo

Asthma Relief Charity

Contact 01793 524004

ARC Website »
NHS Logo

Asthma Attacks

Symptoms Actions

NHS Website »
Asthma UK logo

Inhaler Technique

Video Guides

Asthma UK Website »
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