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First check below to see if you are in our catchment area.  If so, please call at the reception desk of your preferred surgery.  The receptionist will give you a registration form and a health questionnaire to complete. Alternatively, you can download from here the GMS Registration Form  or FP58 for a child and a New Patient Questionnaire. There is also an Alcohol Screening Questionniare if the patient is over 18 years.

Please complete these as soon as possible and return them to the surgery.  You will then be given a registration appointment for all members of your family over 5 years of age. 

This will give you the opportunity to discuss any current health problems.  Please bring details of any medication you are currently taking with you.

Every patient has a basic right to express a preference to be treated by a GP of their choosing within the practice.  Where this is so. we will record electronically.  Patients expressing such a preference should understand that asking to see a named GP could well involve a longer wait.  This is especially so given holidays, sickness, training courses and other factors.

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Changes to Primary Care Services during the Cov-19 Situation


Accessible Information Standard

The Accessible Information Standard aims to ensure that patients (or their carers) who have a disability or sensory loss can receive, access and understand information, for example in large print, braille or via email, and professional communication support if they need it, for example from a British Sign Language interpreter.

This applies to patients and their carers who have information and / or communication needs relating to a disability, impairment or sensory loss. It also applies to parents and carers of patients who have such information and / or communication needs, where appropriate.

Individuals most likely to be affected by the Standard include people who are blind or deaf, who have some hearing and / or visual loss, people who are deaf blind and people with a learning disability. However, this list is not exhaustive.

Do you have an information and / or communication need relating to a disability, impairment or sensory loss? 
If so, please inform reception so that we can provide you with accessible, understandable information and can offer professional communication support to meet your need. Alternatively, you can download our form and after completion return it to us at the surgery


Practices are contractually required to nominate a named accountable GP to take lead responsibility for coordination of services. Patients can express a preference and the practice will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the request.

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